Zim plugin : Textview prefs

An extremely simple plugin to customize Zim's textview.


These are customizations of the zim page textview that I make each time I install Zim through a patch of the source code. But the plugin is a better form of diffusion. So here it is. To install it, just unzip the archive in ~/.local/zim/plugins/.


Textview prefs 1.1

  • Text color
  • Background color
  • Gutter around text (tricky) with left and right margins and border all around.
  • Space between lines (wrap spacing), what we call « line-height » on web dev and that it is just partially rendered by the « linespacing » property of style.conf.

A faire: I need to roolback to the default state when the plugin is disabled / removed. By now, you need to close Zim and reopen it for that.





2019-04-22 (1.1)
  • fix 0002 : don't override fullscreen preferences.
  • fix cursor color with dark background.
2019-02-07 (1.0)
  • add First version.