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Before there was Star Trek: The Motion Picture, there was Phase II. And before there was Phase II//, there was Planet of the Titans.

This Star Trek film, written by Chris Bryant and Allan G. Scott, was rejected, and Paramount president Barry Diller suggested to Gene Roddenberry that he ought to take Star Trek back to its original context: the television screen, which is how Phase II was born.

Planet of the Titans- The Star Trek Film That Wasn't — Forgotten Trek
Nick Ottens
Forgotten Trek

Première série

Star Trek, The motion picture 3.5/5

Star Trek II : The wrath of Khan 4.5/5

Star Trek III : The search for Spock 3.5/5

Star Trek IV : The voyage Home 4/5

Star Trek V : The final frontier 2.5/5

Star Trek VI : The undiscovered country 3/5

Seconde série

Star Trek 3.5/5

Star Trek into Darkness 3/5

Star Trek beyond 3.5/5