Les utilisateurs de l'open source

We have a serious problem of user entitlement in open source. We have now seen many lead maintainers quit their own projects over constant abuse.


If you don’t pay me for my services or contribute meaningful value to me personally, I don’t owe you shit. You are not my customer and you are rarely right. Open source is not an invitation for harassment and making demands. If you choose to interact with me about my open source work, remember it was your decision and you can stop interacting with me at any time. No one is forcing you to use my code. I am giving you a lot of free modules to do with as you wish. That license does not extend to my time or my attention.


Same goes for documentation. I see more bitching and entitlement around quality documentation than any other issue. You are not entitled to good (or any) documentation. If you don’t have the time to read the code, the tests, and the examples, shut up or fuck off. I don’t have the time to explain shit to you. I document my work for my own needs. I publish a lot of code without any documentation. Don’t ask me to add some. The only right thing to do is to ask if I am willing to take a pull request adding or improving the documentation. That’s it.


Why am I posting this? Why am I acting up so angry and negative?

Because I can afford to behave like this while other maintainers cannot. I am not going to lose work, reputation, or sleep over expressing these feelings publically and forcefully. However, this is not true for many new, young, inexperienced, or just sensitive maintainers who find themselves suddenly maintaining a popular open source project. They cannot afford to tell people to shut the fuck up or go fuck themselves without doing significant damage to their careers, reputation, or risk diving into deep depression.

I am posting this because someone needs to tell you to shut the fuck up, you entitled asshole.

How to Use Open Source and Shut the Fuck Up At the Same Time
  • Eran HAMMER

C'est violent mais c'est malheureusement juste.