Films de SF récents par David Brin

Sci Fi Flicks! Some looks back and forward
  • David BRIN
Contrary Brin

Très intéressante lecture de l'humeur du moment dans le domaine des films fantastique / de SF.

Note the relentless number of dystopias, especially aimed at teenagers, that go for the cliched but timeless message: "I am a star-shaped peg that YOU (society/parents/schools) are pounding into a conformist square hole! Just you WAIT until I find my real friends and my real talents and powers!"

Et cette remarque sur les films de Luc Besson :

Now, first off, I am a Luc Besson fan — though I always make sure to tune down my IQ and mental age dials, whenever I go to see one of his films.

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