L'avenir du CBLDF

When Paul Levitz and Steve Geppi were appointed to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund board of directors Sept. 13, it was, from one point of view, an obvious choice on the part of the Fund. The new board members are perhaps the two most prominent and influential figures in the comics industry and both have a history of supporting the Fund in various ways. Before celebrating their arrival on the board, however, certain questions would seem to be in order. Can any organization, especially one as small as the CBLDF, remain unchanged as board members like veteran underground publisher Denis Kitchen are replaced by comics-distribution magnate Steve Geppi and DC Comics President Paul Levitz? What role exactly does the board play in guiding the activities of the Fund? And how might the appointment of Geppi and Levitz affect that guidance? How committed is Geppi, who has a history of condemning and refusing to distribute adult and edgy comic books, to the First Amendment? And how committed is Levitz, who has a reputation for pulping potentially offensive DC comics, to freedom of expression for even the most controversial of comics? The answers to these questions would go a long way toward telling us whether the comics industry has welcomed two powerful First Amendment advocates into key positions in the fight against censorship or if it has set a pair of foxes to guard the henhouse.

Michael Dean, « Where Do New CBLDF Board Members Paul Levitz and Steve Geppi Stand on the First Amendment? » (extrait), Comics Journal #264, 24 novembre 2004.