Comic book et politique 2

On October 27, U.S. Customs sent a letter to Top Shelf Productions notifying them that copies of the anthology Stripburger had been seized, charging that the stories "Richie Bush" by Peter Kuper and "Moj Stub" (translated, "My Pole") by Bojan Redzic, constituted "clearly piratical copies" of registered and recorded copyrights. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has retained counsel to challenge these seizures.

« U.S. Government Seizes Parody Comics At Customs », Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, 06 décembre 2004.

Almost invariably, discussions of political cartooning fall back on a cheap paradox: bad regimes, we are often told, make for good satire. Or to put it another way, cartoonists triumph as artists even as they suffer as citizen.

Jeet Heer, « The Bush, Junta », Indy Magazine, automne 2004.